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At Dental Arts of Tellico Village,
you’re a part of the family.

What Sets Us Apart

Dr. Angela Burns’ father started the business 50 years ago, and the care he gave his patients inspired Dr. Angie to follow in his footsteps. At Dental Arts of Tellico Village, we’re committed to carrying on the legacy of treating patients personally and educating them on how to maintain a healthy level of dental hygiene.

How can we help you achieve your dental goals?

Restorative Dentistry icon


At Dental Arts of Tellico Village, we offer a wide variety of restorative dental services to restore your teeth to their full health and full function. From crowns and bridges to partials and fillings, we can take care of all of your restorative needs in our office.

Implant Dentistry icon


A dental implant is a replacement tooth root, often used in conjunction with a crown to restore a smile. Dr. Angie has taken many courses and specializes in implant dentistry. Not only can she insert the implant, she can also cap it with a crown so you don’t have to go to multiple specialists!

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Crowns are prosthetic devices used to cap teeth, strengthening them in the process. At Dental Arts of Tellico Village, we place crowns for both restorative and cosmetic purposes. Not only can crowns restore decaying teeth, Dr. Angie often makes them look even better than the teeth they are replacing.

Advancing Dentistry Through Science

Dr. Angela Burns is dedicated to provide our patients with the most advanced dental care possible by continuously advancing her skills and knowledge in dentistry. Her promise to you is to stay up to date with the latest techniques, and technology the profession has to offer. 
To stay true to her promise, Dr. Angie Burns attended the Kois Center in Seattle, Washington, which is considered one of the most prestigious and comprehensive continuing education facilities for dentists, and dental specialists in the country. 
There she completed over 250 hours of classroom education at the Kois Center from 2016-2018.  Dr. Angie is highly trained to help patients develop more optimal dental health and providing multiple treatment options like restoring problem teeth, treating gum issues, solving bite problems, enhancing the cosmetic appearance of teeth, and dental implants. 

Get your healthy smile back.